Dénia is one of the main places where you can see cetaceans in the Spanish Mediterranean. In 2018, 73 were documented.
Is possible to rent a boat in Jávea to watch the cetaceans show.
It has been demonstrated how, for some years now, the migratory routes of whales, dolphins or sharks have the Cape of San Antonio, which separates Dénia and Jávea, as a reference. Several of the sightings are multiple. There was even the case of a sighting of seven rorqual whales together.
The passage of cetaceans a short distance from the coastline near Cabo San Antonio and the entire marine reserve has become common and this is also positioning Dénia as a privileged viewpoint of all this beautiful spectacle of nature.
The main species registered in Dénia are the bottlenose dolphin, the striped dolphin, the pilot whale, sea turtles, sperm whales and the fin whale, according to the seasons. Bottlenose dolphins, for example, are seen closer and closer to the coast throughout the year and it is possible to see it while you are enjoying the experience and sailing with us.
Between May and September the whale show takes place. The images of these giants of the sea have gone around the world and have made Dénia the reference that is today in the sighting of cetaceans in the Spanish Mediterranean.
Agradecimientos: Foto cortesía de Xàbia Meravellosa.

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