The Spanish team captained by Daniel Maestre wins the World Deep Sea Fishing Championship

The 25th edition of the World Championship Big Game Trolling, that is, the World Championship in Big Game Trolling, was held last November 2016 in Acapulco (Mexico) in an atmosphere that was as festive due to the abundance of fishing as it was hard-fought due to the importance of the event. It was attended by the two best-ranked teams from each participating country, three in the case of the Spaniards, exceptionally this year due to a vacancy.
After three days of fishing in the Pacific, with an abundant presence of sailfish and tuna (the modality was catch and release), the Spanish group sponsored by Fermax and formed by José Luis Martínez, Sergio Maestre, José Luis Martínez Galván and Carlos Aliño, with the aforementioned Dani Maestre as group leader, had achieved the best average of all the teams and, therefore, the first place in the Championship.

But an organisational error came between these great athletes and the well-deserved first prize: the team was disqualified. However, a complaint filed by the prestigious law firm “Martínez Morales-Martínez Galván” before the International Federation of Sport Fishing, based in Switzerland, has finally recognised the feat of this team, which has been returned the coveted champion’s award.

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